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Imitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery. That was before fan fiction was invented - to be so inspired by an author to want to borrow their characters or milieu as a setting for their own fiction is surely the sincerest form of imitation. Now, enough preamble, on with the fics.

"Homecoming" by Cindy Colwell
In "Dark Of The Moon" and "Seeker's Mask", it is stated that Torisen's hands were nearly crippled by infections from when he was tortured by the Karnides at Urakarn as a prisoner of war. In "Seeker's Mask", Torisen looks at his right hand and remembers that he almost lost it to torture. This story is what might have happened had the infections been more severe.

"Infectious Substance" by Jas Rainwater
A goverment team investigates the source of a strange infection and find more than they expected.

"Fallen History" by Jas Rainwater
A scholarly letter.

"Requiem" for a Fallen World by Mark Shakespeare
Before the Fall, the Kencyrath fought for, and were defeated on, many worlds down the Chain of Creation. Here is what one of those defenders might have thought as the people retreated once again...

"Dream-Weaver's Lament" a filk by Roger Burton-West
A filk is a song about a sf/fantasy subject set to familiar music. This is a fine example.

"Seeing Is..." by OtherCat
"Let me not see" Jamethiel Dream-Weaver's sister-kin reacts to Gerridon's betrayal.


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