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Now available as ebooks. For $US 20 Baen Publishing will allow you to download the books in Rocketbook, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, HTML, and RTF Formats.

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Meisha Merlin will cease trading from May 2007.
You should still be able to get the books through a dealer like Amazon or Barnes and Noble (below) or on the second-hand market.


Meisha Merlin accept orders by fax, snail mail and over the internet through their secure server or by e-mail.

The books may be ordered from

If you live outside the US, contact Meisha Merlin and they will e-mail back your exact shipping charges.
For example, to send to the "DARK OF THE GODS" to the UK they quoted me:
   by air 3-5 days $17.00
   by surface 3-4 weeks $6.00
to send to the "Blood and Ivory" to the UK they quoted approximately $6.30
WARNING - Credit Card Payment is deducted immediately your order is accepted.

Meisha Merlin Publishing
PO Box 7, Decatur, GA 30031

Fax.: 404-634-6697


The books were formerly available through Hypatia Press, an imprint of Blue Moon Books, who are probably now long out of stock.


You can get them by mail order through Amazon or "Barnes and Noble"
"Dark of the Gods" used only used only
"Blood & Ivory" Hardback for $30.00
Trade Paperback for $11.36
Paperback - £6.93
"Seeker's Mask" Paperback - $13.14 used only
"To Ride at Rathorn" Hardcover for $17.13 Hardcover for $11.87
"The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes" is still available from - £12.98
[Note: prices for imported books may vary with the exchange rate]

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble deal in second-hand and out-of-print books.
If you're a dedicated fan or a collector of first editions, you can use AbeBooks to do a worldwide search of bookshops.
[Last time I looked they had hundreds of PC Hodgell books listed. Hard back Atheneaum first editions of "God Stalk" are priced up to US$350!!.]



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