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Art by Pam
Jame Talisman I am attaching a painting I made- reminiscent of the angel/fallen angel type character into which Jame seems to be developing. She's a rambling ball of destruction with the best intentions. This was the inspiration for the painting. I figure if Jame is an angel, she'd be a tattered, raggeddy one.

A re-imagining of scenes from "God Stalk" by Pam
Godstalk02 Godstalk02 Godstalk03 Godstalk04
Pam says:
I have been a fan of PCH since I was about 11 (23 years ago). I read God Stalk in the eighties not long after it came out, I think. I could never get enough of it. I think I read it over and again 3 dozen times before Dark of the Moon came out. I am always looking for her books, anticipating when new ones are released. I am a mad Jame fan. My mom always liked her because she reminds her of me. That may be what draws me to her- Jame is someone to whom we can all relate. I used to fantasize about making God Stalk the movie and starring in it. That would be my only feature film, hahah. I know it is silly. I just want the book to be out there known to all fantasy buffs.
I love art, and I have always doodled and painted, and now I mess around with Photoshop, Illustrator, and Painter. The best way I could pay tribute to Jame was to create art, and my love of graphic novels led to this work.


Art by Victoria Robinson
Jame Talisman Lordan of Ivory



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