Dark of the Gods

The publisher, Meisha Merlin Publishing, Inc. , June 27, 2000
Dark of the Gods contents:
Whether you are meeting the Kencyr Jame for the first time or reawakening an old friendship, Dark of the Gods is the place to start.

Dark of the Gods is the omnibus collection of P. C. Hodgell's first two books "God Stalk" and "Dark of the Moon", plus the short story "Bones".

Jame is a Kencyrath, the chosen people of the Three-Faced God, who fight the demonic entity called Perimal Darkling. At the same time she fights an internal battle for her honor, because 3000 years ago the leader of the Kencyrath betrayed his people to the Darkness for his own immortality.

She also must find her ten-year-older twin brother Tori and return to him the sword and ring of their father. If that is not enough, she has to stand before the rathorns, wear the cloak of living snakes, visit the council room ablaze with stained glass, kill a god, resurrect a god.


Kevin Murphy's cover illustration


Meisha Merlin published [September 2000] an omnibus collection of the first two books God Stalk and Dark of the Moon as Dark of the Gods - also including the short story "Bones".


  Trade 8 1/2 in. x 5 1/2 in.
667 Pages of Acid Free Paper
ISBN: 1-892065-26-6


Besides the normal soft cover trade edition, Meisha Merlin published a signed print-to-order hard cover edition with a full color wrap-around dust jacket. The limited edition print run was set on June 15th 2000. "Once sold out the hardcover edition will got out of print and not be reprinted."

600 (est.) Pages of Acid Free Paper
ISBN: 1-892065-25-8

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